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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crab Omeletes

I made crab omelets for breakfast. Too bad I couldn't eat one. :( They looked delish! Joe said they were. I used mozzarella cheese. I would have used pepper jack, but I didn't have any. Then I topped it off with hollandaise, my favorite,and a little dried parsley for garnish. They look beautiful, but I wish I would have had some asparagus to go with.

Chocolate Molten Cakes

I love my cookbook Great Food Fast. It has some really great recipes. Joe wanted me to make this one. They were so delicious, but also very rich. I could barely eat one. (They're about the size of a cupcake) Today, I tried to make some mini ones. They cookbook doesn't have cooking time for mini cakes. So, I had to guess. They were a MESS! I'll have to try again and adjust the cooking time...

Chicken with Habanero Cream Sauce

I was really scared to make this, but it was soooo good. I couldn't find jabanero peppers at the store, which is what the recipe called for. So, I used anahiem peppers instead. I think it turned out pretty well. For the rice I used some butter, cilantro, and a dash of salt.